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The birth of a baby can be a challenging time for birthing people and families.  I believe that this time can also be very empowering with the right support.  Studies have shown the benefits of having a trained birth doula present during labor include:


  •  Decreased medical intervention in labor
  •  Increased satisfaction with the birthing womans partner and her birth  experience
  •  Reduces the overall cesarean rate by 50%
  •  Reduces use and request of pain medication by 28%
  •  Reduces dissatisfaction with birth by 33%
  •  Reduces length of labor by 25% to 50%


The benefits of having the support of a postpartum doula after the birth of a baby include:


  • Greater satisfaction with postpartum period
  • Quicker birth recovery
  • More likely to eat healthier and sleep more
  • More confidence in parenting and childcare
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More positive opinion of baby
  • More affectionate to baby
  • Less incidence in postpartum mood disorders
  • Higher breastfeeding success rate

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