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Notes from previous clients...


The following notes and photos have been received from clients that have worked with Mollee over the last several years.  Prospective clients are welcome to speak in person with previous clients to get a sense of how Mollee works with women and families during pregnancy, labor and beyond.


"I am honored to be able to show these on my web site.  I feel so grateful to have been at these births and will always hold a place in my heart for every family that I've worked with.  I am still in awe, after all these years of being a doula, that I get to be with people during such a special time in their lives!"

Baby R.

Mollee is a doula goddess! Because of her I was able to have the birth experience I always wanted. She was there whenever I needed her throughout my entire pregnancy, birth, and beyond. She always had an answer or great suggestion for anything that came up. She is also a great advocate and has good rapport with the local hospital’s staff. Her grounded energy kept my husband and me calm and focused throughout the birth process. Anytime I felt overwhelmed Mollee was always there to help me feel better! There were many moments this happened but two in particular stand out to me…One is when I was feeling super nauseous during the birth process. I didn’t even have to say anything – Mollee magically appeared with ginger ale and the most perfect and amazing smelling aromatherapy (which made me feel so much better). Another moment I will never forget happened days after my son was born. I was at home in bed sobbing my eyes out because I was having so much trouble breastfeeding. I was in pain, hadn’t showered in days, stinky and was covered in boogers from crying so much. Mollee came to our home, crawled into bed with me and held me while I cried. There was nothing more perfect someone could have done for me at that moment. I would not have been able to continue breastfeeding if it weren’t for her help. I’m forever grateful to her for everything she has done for me and my family. Needless to say, my husband and I highly recommend Mollee and think she is a wonderful doula.

Jaime and Beau, Corte Madera


Baby J.

Thank goodness for Mollee. Our experience hiring her as our doula couldn't have been more wonderful. Leading up to our son's birth, Mollee gave us peace of mind by helping us talk through many of the decisions parents face during pregnancy. Her recommendations throughout the entire process were well-informed and especially thoughtful. Mollee is gentle, kind, and just the right amount of everything you need pre, during, and after labor. I did a lot of research on pregnancy and birth, but I am incredibly glad we had Mollee with us. She provided my husband and I with so much assistance that clearly comes from her wide-range of experience. She also has an invaluable sense of intuition and delicately took care of many of the details we wouldn't have wanted to deal with during my labor. We are looking forward to number two (someday) and hope Mollee can be by our side again! Thank you so much Mollee!!

Amira and Ryan, Sausalito  (photo credit:  Alexandra Loscher)


Babies C. and D.

We are so thankful for Mollee! She was present for the birth of both of my babies, who are 3 & 1 year old now. It was like having my own sister beside me. Mollee's gentle spirit & calming nature are such a blessing. There is no way I would have delivered without the use of medication if she wasn't by my side. All the hospital staff at MG (Marin General Hospital) absolutely adore her, too. We feel lucky to know her.

Devon and Mark, San Anselmo


Baby E.

Mollee came very highly recommended to me by multiple women, and I was so glad to have chosen her. Not only is she a beautiful soul, her depth of wisdom and guidance throughout the pregnancy and birth made me feel even more safe and secure.   When I got overwhelmed with my natural birth (as it was my first), she kept me focused on just the next moment with grace and ease.  She is a fantastic doula, and I recommend her highly!

Meredith and Marc, San Anselmo

Baby D.

Mollee worked with us during the homebirth of our daughter in 2009.  She provided us with information about local homebirth midwives, a chiropractor that works with pregnant women and babies and even helped us find a cloth diaper service.  Mollee became like a member of our family and I felt like I could call her any time I just needed to talk - which was often!  Hiring Mollee was the best decision that we made and I look forward to working with her again when we add a second baby to our family.

Sara and Mike, San Francisco


Baby A.

Mollee was completely invaluable to us and selecting her as our Doula was the most important decision we made in preparing for the arrival of our son.  Having her support was vital for labor and delivery, but also comforted and reassured us during the entire pregnancy and postpartum.  She has a powerfully gentle presence, and a quiet sense of humor that made us comfortable with her since the moment we met her.  With her guidance and support, we were able to stick to our birth plan and have the delivery we had hoped for.  We highly recommend her and will be calling her again when it comes time for our second baby!

Mary Laurel and Robert, Novato, CA

Babies S. and S.

As a first time mother, I looked at Mollee often during those many hours of labor and the care and sensitivity in her eyes gave me the courage to reach my goal.  Mollee also proved to be an amazing resource to help me feel confident and obtain success in breastfeeding.  Our family will be forever grateful to Mollee Franklin for being such an incredible part of our birth team as our doula.  We would most highly recommend her to anyone who is considering the support of a birth doula, she is phenomenal!!

Michelle and Adam, San Rafael

Babies F. and J.

There are no words that can express how thankful we are for your presence during the birth of our daughter.  I can honestly say that my birth, though long, was an enjoyable experience and I have you to thank.  I was able to be alert, focused and self-aware.   You are my red haired angel and we will always feel connected to you.

Katie and Lee, San Rafael

Baby G.

We hired Mollee for the birth of our son, Grayson, in May of 2014. The whole experience, from the visits before he was born, labor and delivery, to the postpartum visit two days after he arrived, was wonderful. Mollee has a warmth to her that we immediately felt the first time she stepped foot in our home. My husband and I felt completely at ease with her and trusted her through the whole birth process, which she is incredibly knowledgable about. I can't even imagine what my birth experience would be like had Mollee not been at our side! Even in the most stressful moments during my labor, Mollee was calm, cool and collected. She has a sense of peace and authority to her that we very much appreciated. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Mollee for future births (in fact, I'm sure we will!) and I give her my most highest recommendation to ANYONE looking for a positive birth experience. We love Mollee!"

Jenna and Adam, Corte Madera

Baby S.

My first birth experience was very traumatic due to an unplanned c-section.  When I became pregnant a second time, I knew I wanted to do things completely differently and try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). I always regretted not having a doula for my first birth. I knew having a doula the second time around would be very important in helping me avoid another c-section. That's when I found Mollee. From our very first meeting she instantly made me feel comfortable with her calming and nurturing presence. During our pre-birth meetings Mollee was very supportive, helping me maintain a positive outlook, which gave me the confidence I needed approaching my VBAC attempt. When I went into labor she was immediately available and helped me through contractions at home before we decided to go to the hospital. During labor she suggested different positions and used aromatherapy. Most important of all, she advocated for my natural birth plan at the hospital, communicating our wishes to hospital staff for an unmedicated birth. During transition, there were times I thought I couldn't do it anymore but Mollee helped me through those moments of doubt. Even after many hours of pushing, she was there for me every step of the way, and soon I had my baby girl in my arms. It was a truly transformative and healing experience. I know I wouldn't have been able to accomplish the VBAC without Mollee!

Camille and Mike, Novato

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